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About Us:

JTC Enterprises provides prompt and thorough service to assist corporations, local governmental agencies, legal entities, and individuals in completing their projects in a timely manner while providing them the information and tools needed to protect as much wildlife and natural habitat as is humanly possible.

One of the primary services provided by JTC Enterprises is support to our clients in the permitting process. JTC Enterprises staff have established good working relationships with regulatory agencies, and our scientific expertise is well respected. Our experience ranges from working with local planning boards to supporting state and federal permitting and licensing efforts.

On small and medium-sized projects, the role of JTC Enterprises often involves preparing complete state and federal natural resource permit applications. On larger projects, where our clients coordinate the application preparation, JTC Enterprises will play a support role and provide natural resource and wetland assessments, alternatives analyses, and mitigation plans. Regardless of the role, the staff at JTC Enterprises work with our clients to help develop a permitted project and to streamline the permitting process.
JTC Enterprises, Inc.
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Lawrence, Kansas 66047
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