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Biological Surveys:

Critical Habitat Assessments
JTC Enterprises can provide habitat assessments for endangered species to determine the potential presence of the species of concern. This habitat assessment is often used as critical information for the reviewing agencies to decide if a full survey is required. We can also provide habitat restoration, mitigation, and management plans for rare, threatened, and endangered species.

Tree Surveys
JTC Enterprises provides quantitative and qualitative botanical and tree surveys to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies and town and city ordinances. We have biologists on staff with expertise in botany and forestry. As dictated by the regulatory requirements, we can inspect the site and identify individual species as well as plant communities. JTC Enterprises then provides a report documenting the data collected and our findings.

Biological studies and surveys for rare plants and animals are required as part of the permitting process for many projects, especially where development or project operations could impact individual organisms or rare habitats. Surveys are also required at many sites undergoing review for having potential soil or water contamination. JTC Enterprises has conducted a wide range of surveys and sampling programs, and can provide rapid and cost-effective assessments in any ecosystem.

JTC Enterprises has performed floral and faunal mapping and classification for numerous projects. Our staff members have also served as experts for federal and state agencies, utilities, engineers, and private landowners.

JTC Enterprises botanical services include:
* Natural community mapping and GIS analysis
* Ecological characterizations
* Rare plant and animal field surveys
* State and federal endangered species permitting
* Invasive species identification, control and management
* Customized short courses and field classes

JTC Enterprises considers plant and animal identification a fundamental skill for its scientists, and places considerable emphasis on development and maintenance of taxonomy skills. Staff members at JTC Enterprises are skilled in both field and literature/museum/herbarium studies, and have identified hundreds of rare species and community occurrences throughout the United States and Canada.

JTC Enterprises has also conducted a number of biological conservation and mitigation projects involving the assessment and transplantation of rare species. These projects have involved a variety of taxa with broad ecological requirements; tasks have included the assessment of rare populations, potential effects of proposed projects or actions, and the relocation of organisms from impact areas to unimpacted suitable habitats.

JTC Enterprises also deals with invasive species inventory and management on a routine basis for many wetland monitoring and restoration contracts, in terrestrial, estuarine, and marine environments. Our Project Scientists have prescribed control plans for woody and herbaceous species, and are familiar with accepted and successful methods for dealing with invasive species.
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