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For projects that result in unavoidable impacts to wetlands, vernal pools, streams, and other wildlife habitats, JTC Enterprises offers a complete range of habitat mitigation services. Our reputation for problem solving translates into creative, cost effective, and permittable mitigation solutions for a wide range of projects, from rail lines to pipelines, from commercial sites to highway improvements.

Overview of Services
* Habitat Mitigation Planning and Design
* Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems
* Mitigation Site Construction Monitoring
* Post-Construction Monitoring
* Landscape Ecology
* Mitigation Banking
* State and Federal Environmental Permitting
* Full CAD/GIS Department
* Expert Witness Testimony
* Agency Consultations and Negotiation

In conjunction with most permitting projects, we work with clients to develop mitigation plans that will meet regulatory requirements. We are often able to develop a solution that benefits both our client and the environment by providing aesthetic interest and/or additional function to a project. We strive to develop solutions that add value to our client's projects in addition to meeting the minimum requirements. As part of the permitting process, it has become standard for most agencies to request mitigation, or replacement, of the impacted area. This is typically done at a ratio that ensures a net gain of wetland resources is achieved as a result of the project. This can be done on the site where the impact occurred or on another mitigation site in the same watershed. (This varies by state, please call to verify.) The mitigation plan submitted and reviewed by the agencies will generally include a grading plan, planting plan, and monitoring plan.

JTC Enterprises monitors the success of our wetland development mitigation projects on an annual basis. Most projects that involve wetland mitigation are required by the permitting agencies to complete a three- to five-year monitoring plan. Our botanists and ecologists assess the wetland development to assist clients in meeting their monitoring requirements. Monitoring throughout the early development of a newly created or restored wetland sometimes helps to identify the need for supplemental plantings, adjustments to water control structures, or exotic species management needs. Identifying and addressing these needs early maximizes the ability to create a successful wetland mitigation area, thus minimizing the monitoring time period and overall cost of the project.
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