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Sensitive Species:

Desirable though it may be, biological abundance can sometimes present its own set of unique challenges. The incredible richness and diversity of wildlife across North America means there is practically no chance that at least some plants and animals won't be affected - either positively or negatively - by normal business operations.

Sensitive species are those creatures which rely on specific habitat conditions that are limited in abundance, restricted in distribution, or are particularly sensitive to development. To effectively manage and conserve sensitive species and spaces, it is important to understand species distribution, density, habitat requirements, and factors affecting long-term survival. The personnel at JTC Enterprises have conducted and been involved in numerous sensitive species inventories and management programs, including the Eastern Indigo Snake, Gray Bat, Indiana Bat, Neosho Madtom, Least Tern, Dusky Gopher Frog, Louisiana Pine Snake, Broadhead Skink, Grotto Salamander, Topeka Shiner, Gopher Tortoise, and many more.

JTC Enterprises has completed many threatened and endangered species surveys and has botanists and biologists on staff that perform surveys for plants, amphibians, bats and other mammals, reptiles, mussels, birds, and insects. These studies have been carried out as part of NEPA, EA, and EIS documents as well as stand-alone reports.

JTC Enterprises provides expertise on restoring and managing threatened, endangered, and sensitive species habitats on public, private, and governmental properties nationwide. In addition to surveys, our emphasis is on habitat restoration and management strategies for high-profile species and development of analytical methods to determine the suitability of various habitat types for a diversity of sensitive species. Our goal is to assess impacts of various activities and land use practices on sensitive species and to improve existing habitat for protected species. Recent works have focused on species inventories and habitat restoration/management for bats, songbirds, raptors, shorebirds, turtles, snakes, mussels, salamanders, and freshwater fishes.

The conservation and management of sensitive species and their habitats are major issues on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects and military installations throughout the United States. The Department of Defense (DOD) is required by law to manage and protect these species in accordance with the Endangered Species Act of 1973. The protection and maintenance of natural resources on DOD-managed areas is essential for the continued use of these lands and waters for carrying out both civil works and military missions, and to ensure compliance with environmental laws. Our studies pro-actively address high priority issues associated with sensitive species and provide resource managers with useful management tools.
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