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JTC Enterprises wetland scientists and field staff have the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to meet our clients' needs for wetland identification, delineation, evaluation, mitigation and management. JTC Enterprises has unparalleled expertise and experience in evaluating freshwater wetland environments, and in helping our clients solve problems. Our experience combined with an understanding of our clients' goals and objectives allows us to identify feasible solutions and obtain needed permits in a timely manner.

Our projects include commercial developments, river restorations, military installation remediations, natural gas pipelines, transmission lines, road reconstructions, ski areas, hydroelectric projects, airport expansions, conservation and public lands inventories, and regional planning efforts.

JTC Enterprises Wetland and Regulatory Services Division offers an experienced team of wetland ecologists, delineators, mitigation engineers, survey technicians, and regulatory experts who are familiar with wetland ecosystems throughout the United States. JTC Enterprises staff members stay current with the latest wetland research and regulatory developments, and are available to private and government clients to address jurisdictional wetland issues and provide expert witness testimony.

Wetland Determinations
We understand how wetlands can influence land use decisions and the need to complete fieldwork in a timely manner. Wetland determinations allow our clients to quickly obtain preliminary information and make educated decisions. During a determination, we evaluate available maps of the property and inspect the site to verify the presence or absence of wetlands under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state or local agencies. After the natural resource issues are identified, we work with clients to guide them to determine what permits will be involved and what expectations should be for time and costs based on expected requirements of the agencies.

Wetland Delineations
A delineation defines the legal boundary of the jurisdictional wetlands within a property. This boundary separates the regulated wetland from the nonregulated upland. If a proposed project will affect wetlands, the owner will be required to complete a delineation in order to proceed through the permitting process. It is also critical to identify the exact wetland boundary and acreage to determine the type of permits and potential mitigation required. Even if plans avoid all wetlands on the site, it is prudent to complete a wetland delineation and provide documentation of avoidance.
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